Monsignore was appointed Mitred Abbot of the Basilica Santa Barbara in Mantua, Italy in around 1888. The date is not certain yet but the Records of the House of Savoy from 1889 show Valerio in the role meaning that the appointment was made in 1888 or earlier. This appointment was made by Umberto I, the King. This position was not operational as Valerio was working in Roma as the Chief Chaplain to Umberto I and as Confessor to Queen Margherita when this appointment was made. The Basilica Santa Barbara was a Pallottine Church and Valerio was ordained as a member of the Pallottine clergy so this appointment made sense from that perspective. Valerio did get very involved in a restoration project of the Church , hiring his nephew, Giuseppe Anzino, (an artist), to help manage the project. The Basilica Santa Barbara for many years was the Royal Chapel of the Gonzaga family until their dynasty ended in 1707.

Basilica Santa Barbara