Anzino Genealogy


This section of the Anzino Family Tree shows only those members closest to Valerio Anzino. This tree branch section is part of a much larger (Marchisa-Toman) tree that goes back into the 1600s. (Note: To access the larger tree that contains Valerio’s Fubinese ancestors going back to the 1600s requires an account). When and and from where the Anzinos arrived in Fubine is still unknown to the website’s author. Birth, baptism, marriage, and death records all point to the fact that the Anzinos were members of a privileged class as most Anzino names had titles in front of them. Additionally, one of the Monsignor’s awards required that Valerio could attest to the fact that there were at least 10 generations of nobility in his family. The Anzino family clearly had connections to the House Of Savoy as Valerio’s uncle, Monsignor Giuseppe Anzino, was a tutor to the princes of the Savoia, a Chaplain to Kings Carlo Alberto and Vittorio Emmanuel II, and had worked in the Savoia Chapel since at least 1825. (Note: Angela (Anzino) Gotta #13, is the great great grandmother of the website’s author)

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