As the attached Fubine Church 1847 census shows, Valerio had moved to Torino although his family remained in Fubine. Valerio was likely attending a boarding school in Torino as was his sister Giuseppina. Valerio and Giuseppina’s uncle, Monsignor Giuseppe Anzino, was a chaplain in the Royal Palace in Torino at the time, and likely looked after his niece and nephew in some capacity. The year of 1843 is a guess based on his sister moving at age eleven. Both Valerio and his sister could have moved earlier as there have been no school records discovered. Torino was approximately 80-90 km from Fubine so it’s likely that Valerio and his sister stayed in Torino for the duration of their studies and that Giovanni and Ippolita visited them when possible.

Church Census Anzino Family 1847