According to notes written by an unknown Fubinese author around 1905 , Valerio Anzino was appointed Secretary Elemosiniere in 1857. The website author has not been able to find any supporting documents for this. It appears that it might have been an unofficial title in the Savoia offices. There are many Savoia records from the mid 1800s available and many of them show that various Elemosiniere positions are not filled. The website’s author is still trying to get a good understanding of what the roles and responsibilities were for those in the House of Savoy with Elemosiniere or Limosiniere titles. Looking at the annual Calendario generale del regno books from the House of Savoy in the 1800s, it appears to be an important function. Commonly the heads of different Elemosiniere offices appear to be well connected to the Savoia. A quick research into the function makes it appear that the function was to distribute Savoia funds to organizations that in turn conducted charitable works.

Notes about Anzino